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Certified Instructors

We have a good network of certified Instructors that can bring out the best from your child

Special Training

We train kids to prepare them fully for the future while they are still in school

Teaching & Aids

Our teaching method is such that your child can easily grasp was is being taught. 99% practicals


We do not only give your child a paper certified certificate but a non paper certifcate that can never be stolen

Welcome to The YEST Club

The word YEST is an acronym for Young Engineers, Scientist and Technicians. The YEST Club is managed by our was created to empower children in Sub-Saharan Africa in hi-tech skills. We have noticed that the children of African decent are very skillfull when young and they tend to drift away from what they know best due to societal pressure. This is the major reson why the African nation have not developed till today. Our major aim is to change this bad and evil trend in Africa and pave way for the development of the African child

We train children from basic 4 to basic 9 and children in the college (ie SS1 - 3). We ensure that they are well groomed while they are still in school. We train them in hi-tech that makes them relevant in the society of today. While still in school our children are made to produce amazing things (from ordinary electronics to computerised embedded systems)

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What We Offer

Our training program is based on most recent Hi-Tech techniques and it is 99% practicals. It is basically for children in school, however children out of school can also attend once they can get to the nearest training center. The following are the reasons why your child need to enroll with us.

Safety First

We ensure that we use the safest technique for children as we build their hi-tech skills

Regular Classes

Your child have the will be taught regularly and expose to powerful online resources

Certified Instructors

We have trained our instructors to make it easier for your child to understand what is being taught

Sufficient Classrooms

We have sufficient classroom in various location. You should try to get the nearest center to you

Online Resources

We give all our students and instructors online resources that would make them stand out from the crowd

Learning tools

We have the tools that would make learning a great fun. Your child will never forget whatever he/she have been taught

99% Practical Training for Kids

Empower your child today with a gift that they will use throughout their lifetime. Join the Yest Club

Certified Instructors

These are the list of some of our instructors

Engr. Dyke Iloghalu


Over 20 years experience in computer programming and software development

Our Training Program

The followings are the list of our training programs. No matter the age or class, all students/pupils should note that they must finish a module before they can move to the next module. Students must have 80% attendance to be qualified for examination. They must pass the examination before they can move to the next module

Module 1: ICT Essential

Total Duration: 48 hours

Here the Kids are trained on the basic operation of the computer system

Module 2: Engineering For Kids

Total Duration: 12 hours

Our major aim here it to teach kids how to apply the scientific method in solving basic human problems

Module 3: Scratch Programming for Kids

Total Duration: 10 hours

Here children learn how to program and animate with scratch

Module 4: Pyton Programming For Kids

Total Duration: 40 hours

Here the child learns how to program in Python. This training is extremely important as it is the building block of programming electronic circuit in future

Module 5: Cosmology. What the African kids must know

Total Duration: 4 hours

This is not really a practical session but here the kids would be introduced to deep secret that science have unvieled about our universe. Teaching tools and computer aided models would be used

Module 6: Web site Design

Total Duration: 15 hours

Here children learn how to build a web site

Module 7: Javascript for Kids

Total Duration: 30 hours

Here children learn how to write web site with javascript

Module 8: Adruino For Kids

Total Duration: 40 hours

Here children learn how to build electronic system with Adruino and program it to solve specific problems

Module 9: Raspberry Pii for Kids

Total Duration: 40 hours

Here children learn how to build electonic system with raspberry Pii and program it to solve specific problems

Module10: Game Development for Kids

Total Duration: 20 hours

Here children learn how to build there own computer games

20 Years of Experience

We have waht it takes to deliver the best for your kids

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